I was diagnosed with Discoid Lupus in  approximately 2005. I went to the doctor and was given a steroid to clear it up and put on Plaquenil. Approximately 95% of the time my lupus is under control and causes me little to no problems. Also the medication has never been a problem.

Approximately the year 2000 I realized that I was getting such dry eyes, that I went to the doctor and he looked at my eyes and had no idea why it was happening. At that time, I was flying every weekend somewhere in the U.S, Canada or Europe. I thought that it was because I was either in an airplane or banquet room most of my life. I did this for approximately 16 years. At one point I had my tear ducts plugged. It did not seem to help much. I just let it be.

I was speaking with my daughter and she told me about her using flaxseed oil and fish oil and it helped her dry eyes. So I tried it. It helped most of the time. I only get dry eyes if I am in a car with the air conditioner or heater on for more that 4 hrs.

Everything stayed the same until approximately 2015. I realized that my mouth became a little dryer. I didn’t do too much, except talk to my dentist about it. They gave me tooth paste and suggested Bioteen. I kept using both. Things remained the same… tolerable.
Approximately November 2016, my Sjogrens because noticeable to me and I started looking for something to stop the dry mouth. I was waking up at night with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth. I joined the group for people with Sjogrens and learned many things that could help me with my issues and dry mouth. I have tried a lot of the suggestions. The flare only lasted a few weeks. I was scared that it would continue to get worse and I was hoping that I would not have a lot of the symptoms others were having i.e. fatigue, pain etc. Thank goodness I have not had anything else happen. As of right now, I am having an abundance of saliva in my mouth and I am having to wipe the sides of my mouth a lot.

The only other problem that has been a major one is my dental problems. My teeth have been cracking. I have had to make dental decisions that I have not been prepared to make. I have several implants, and I no longer can afford to have more. I am working with 2 of my dentists to make all of this financial burden more bearable. We will see what the future holds.
I spoke to my doctor a week or so ago and told him about my dry mouth and he said he may increase my Plaquenil a little. We will discuss it again in a month or so.

This is my road from beginning to today with regards to my auto immune diseases. Any questions please let me know.

I cannot get worse with my autoimmune diseases because my daughter has MS and a 4 year old which I help with a lot. I cannot afford to be sick. They both need me.