March 13th, 2017

I am finding that it can be difficult at times not to become jaded by the ways of people, myself included. As I go through this journey of attempting to put together something big and to have a worldwide voice WITH all of those who struggle with autoimmune diseases, I notice a pattern. And perhaps its a lack of patience on my part. Or maybe it is that I am not doing enough to get this out there. It seems though as if there is a majority of people who would rather not help. I am sure there are plenty of things going on in people’s lives that contribute to this. Perhaps I am projecting the fact that prior to being sick, I was inspired only by the things that affected me directly. If it did not apply to me, I didn’t pay much attention. Selfish? or Ignorant? Or incapable of grasping the experience or emotion of the situation if I was not going through it? Whichever it may be for me, I realize this to be a tragedy. There are so many in this world in need that I pass by daily without a thought of what they might be going through. Around every corner there is something that could be done for someone or something that contributes to the greater good for today and for our future. Have we become conditioned to look past that? Have we become so self-absorbed that we don’t notice or consider others’ circumstances? Or is it simply human nature? Regardless, my eyes are open. And as gratitude to acquiring this disease it has opened my eyes to the small beauties and millions of opportunities in this world to help out a fellow human being. Not a day can go by now that I don’t think about what others may be going through and how I can help. Once your eyes are open, they can’t be shut, for me at least. But the biggest hurdle? Remembering to be gentle with myself, and take care of myself. If I am not healthy and fit in mind, body and spirit, I have nothing to give. I will continue to see the world through a new lens.