March 14, 2017

I was honored today to have an unexpected conversation with an old………..friend. Someone that, given what life brought us, I would not be expected to be talking to. However, this person saved my life once and he doesn’t even know it. Well…..he does now. We haven’t spoken for some time and when we did it was intermittent, short and the same old tape. I found myself appreciating him for who he is as he expressed a side that I knew was there, yet never was shown. Respect, care and support for my current life situation in regards to my well-being. He shared his own experiences, feelings and thoughts. The conversation was real. And years ago I thought I knew him, but today i saw his pure humanity. Connection. Connection and support seem to be coming from the most unexpected of people. It has reminded me that I should not judge, resent, or have ill-feelings for anyone. As stated in the last blog, we are all human, we all struggle one way or another. But we can change our perception. And through connection with others, when we need that push, it is truly a beautiful thing. I’ve know this person a long time and it was today that I saw him for who he really is. A good person. Trying his best in this life as we all are, given what we have. It reminds me to remain grateful for those that are in my life and who have been in or in and out of my life. They hold purpose. And through connection there is healing. Thank you. This disease has brought more purpose than I ever could have imagined actually. Thank you S.