Being diagnosed in May of 2016 with SLE ( Systemic Lupus) and Sjogrens was not hard at all. But before that I was going many years of pain and unexplained conditions as to why i feel the way I do sometimes. As a child I had headaches and painful leg aches, especially during weather changes. I was told it was just growing pains then arthritis but I was never really tested. The Dr. said i would end up with Rheumatoid Arthritis when I got older. I always had fainting spells and was a diehard anemic. As I got older it got worse but I dealt with everything. Around 2005 I had issues with numbness in my legs and arms and hands and also had migraines.  I went to my Dr. and he sent me out for a MRI and nerve conduction test. Everything seemed to be fine except a little carpal tunnel. Then all my b vitamins started getting low and my iron storage became so low as an anemic it got down to 7 and I had an urgent care Dr. say, “go home and take some iron,”….. REALLY? I’ve lived my life on the edge of my health because none of my tests would ever come back conclusive for anything. Next my vitamin d got low and that was really weird because I live in the Las Vegas sun lol. Now things are really getting worse for me. Exhaustion was unbearable, falling asleep at the drop of a dime and barley being able to get out of bed. So around 2014, April, I went online and put my symptoms in and compared them to what showed. Now mind you, my mother has SLE (Lupus) and my daughter has it as well. Still no test ever showed any different. I went to my Dr. and said, “look something is wrong and I need blood work. Extensive work done.” My imflammation came back at a 32 but even then he said it could be due to a cold. So i told him I think I have fibromyalgia. He did a test and said, “Yes i would say you do,” so i said well now I want a second opinion. I was sent  to a rheumatologist and she said yes and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Mmmm  but then she left the practice and the new rheumatologist said no RA but fibromyalgia and she doesnt treat firbo and sent me to a nuerologist. Great nuero but he also did tests and sent me to pain manamement because I was in so much pain in my neck and shoulders and legs. Pain management did a MRI of everything with the neck, back, legs, chest, you name it. Now they saw I have Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD). One thing after another. So now from here on in 2014 to 2016 I’ve dealt with fibro, RA, and DDD. Until April 2016 when I was so down I thought I would never walk or move again I knew something was wrong.  Now I see a new Dr. because of insurance reasons he did some amazing tests on me (thats how i felt) and calls me and says I have some autoimmune stuff going on and sent me to a new rhuematologist who then said I have Lupus and Sjogrens. It seems ever since then I cant get it together with this body. One flare after another. I went for more tests and he once again sent me out to a new rheumatologist becuase the other one went back to her country. So as of November 2016 I’ve been in a Benlysta study waiting to feel results while now waiting to see a rheumatologist . UGH it never ends but i have faith that we will come to a conclusion to stablize me soon. Thank you for allowing me to post and give my story. It really has been a roller coaster but it helps when people you know have it like my mom and my mother-in-law and her sisters and people like you all. Thank you very much.