I used to work at the Cherokee County tag office in Georgia. I started there in 1993. I was 20 years old. In 1995 I got to where the normal everyday walk from my car to the office (which wasn’t very far) took the breath out of me. I went to the doctor and they drew blood and sent me to an Endocrinologist where they said I had hypothyroid/hashimotos. My thyroid was almost to the point where it didn’t work at all. So my Dr. took a ton of blood and ran all kinds of tests. It was weird though because hypothyroid normally meant gaining weight and I wasn’t gaining….at that point I was fairly small. Come to find out after a few years of seeing this Dr. I was diagnosed with hashimotos, vitamin D deficiency, PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and a Nash liver. I’ve always battled weight since then but it seems like every time I start gaining….something else is wrong. The doctors seem to be puzzled with me because the normal symptoms for each thing I have…I have the opposite symptoms. In the last year I knew something was wrong again. I had gained 50 POUNDS. I went in August of last year and my doctor (primary care) didn’t see anything. So I took a chance on a nurse practitioner at the local med care clinic. Although I have insurance and she didn’t accept any….I used her because she cares and she tries really hard to get to bottom of what the problem is. Let’s back up. In August, about a week after seeing my PCP, I started swelling really bad. My PCP told me to exercise and drink more water. At this point I showed him my app on my phone and in the 2 weeks I had hiked, jogged and rode my bike over 60+ miles and still gained 12 POUNDS in those 2 weeks!!!! I kept telling him something is not right…I hate doctors and no matter what doctor I go to I always tell them this, I hate pills!!!!! I’m good if I take my thyroid everyday. All they seem to want to do is…”oh here take a pill for this or take a pill for that. I don’t want pills. I want to know why I hurt. Why I’m gaining weight. Why I’m depressed. Why 6 months ago I could hike, jog, bike etc. and now my boyfriend is often helping me out of bed. Giving a pill is the norm….it’s too simple and most times anyways the pills don’t touch my pain. Any way, the nurse at the med care clinic finally did an ANA test and it came back positive. Since last August of working out like I did…now it hurts to even try and jog or do Pine Mountain like I used to almost everyday. With my positive ANA she sent me to a rheumatologist. She was like…”I don’t think you have Lupus but I’m going to run the proper tests.” She is basing this on me “gaining and not losing weight”. She said she doesn’t think I have it but “we shall see.” Upon going back to the doctor she told me she was “SHOCKED” at what she found. She said for some reason something told her to test for APS (Antiphospholipid Syndrome). After that test and one more,  I now also have triple positivity APS.

I do through bouts of depression. Since August I’ve been in a lot of pain and just blah. I’m a go-getter so I will go and go and then I will just crash so to speak where I’m in bed a day or two or like this past weekend….most of the whole entire weekend. I nearly lost my job last year. Thank God my old boss that transferred me to another store knew my work ethic before I got sicker and took me in.

I’m late a lot and out a lot but she is working with me all the time.

I used to have the prettiest legs in the world or so everyone told me I did. Now I feel like they’re so ugly ?I was telling my sister today that it appears like they are all knotted up.