I think my illness has its roots set from when I was very young and slowly progressed over the years from one traumatic event after the other. In writing my story, I do so in the hope some understanding comes for those people suffering with autoimmune diseases and those that are attributed to PTSD, of which I suffer from.
I will not go too in depth but just give the”highlights” so that I do not bore you.
I saw my father die at age six, I saw my mother die at age eight. I was then put into an orphanage for eighteen months before being sent to live with an aunt and uncle. For the next two and a half years my aunt abused me physically, mentally and emotionally on a daily basis. Just before I was removed from her care she beat me with a softball bat that left me with spinal damage. From there I was put into a foster home where if anything my treatment was worse.
I managed to survive and turn out to be an ok person I think, but fast forward the years and the damage that was done previously I started to become unwell. My initial symptom was just pain in my feet that started moving up into my legs. From there it has spread throughout my entire body. It took about two years to be taken seriously by doctors and even now if I go to the ER in the midst of a flare I am treated like I am a junkie looking for a fix.
Well, that is me. I hope in some way it goes to show that maybe autoimmune diseases can be triggered by PTSD.