March 26th, 2017

In a world that…… portrayed to be so very divided right now, and perhaps it truly is, I am blessed that the world I choose to live in and those that have come into my life do not live in that divided world.

As I created the Facebook group for those struggling with autoimmune diseases of all types, I had fear. I had fear as I invited those from other countries, as there is so much turmoil right now from around the world looking at the US. I don’t want this to get political. I guess I’m just saying that I felt fear that I wouldn’t be accepted by individuals from other countries. That I would be seen as a representative of some things that are happening that are causing division. Wow. What another humbling experience. I just now am taking in what it must feel like for again, only 1% of the feelings of those that are discriminated against and oppressed. Because again, it would not be fair to say I understand even close to the oppression and discrimination to the extent that some do. I am grateful to have just had that experience as I appreciate people now more than ever for who they are, people. It makes me want to strive even harder to contribute to the people all over this world in some way to help. No matter who you are, where you live, what color your skin is, what language you speak. We are all people. I think I might be venturing into politics as I said I wouldn’t do.

My message I am trying to convey is all people matter, and I am so blessed that I have met so many people from around the world that have greeted each other with open arms, compassion and care and see each other as fellow human beings. It’s quite a beautiful thing and something that in my small world has just brought me so much joy.

In fact, I have met, even though it’s over the Internet some of the most beautiful, kind-hearted, intelligent, passionate, open-minded people from all over the world! People I wish lived near me because I would love to be in their circle of friends. It truly is a great world out there. I am blessed to know all who I have met and eager to meet more from other countries to form friendships with. Though this all began surrounding a cause, and still is, I have created some of the most meaningful relationships I may have ever had.