March 28th, 2017

The other day I decided to practice some humility and made a sign for our fundraising efforts and take it to Starbucks with me to work on this movement. I knew I couldn’t put the sign up as it is soliciting, but asked any way. I was kindly denied. So I figured, you know what……..Im just going to stand on the street for a few minutes as we only needed 373 dollars to  meet our goal. Within several minutes a man is sitting at the light that I recognize. An old friends father. He looks. I look. We both look away. A couple minutes go by and I try not to look at anyone as I don’t want to impose on people’s personal space. Suddenly this man rolls down his window and says “Do you have lupus?” I told him that I did and I immediately addressed him as who’s father he was. He took a minute seemingly in shock and thought and he then remembered me. He pulled into the Starbucks and for a moment we talked about what I was doing and how his kids were doing as I hadn’t seen them in years. He asks how much we needed for our goal and proceeds to tell me he has a surprise for me as he reached into his briefcase. I resisted and he insisted. There are no words for gratitude that I feel when things like this happen. Not because we received money, but because someone without hesitation donated their hard earned money out of the kindness of their heart. From the heart. It was not about ego. It was about helping. It was about caring. It was about respect and kindness for a fellow human being. I tearfully thanked him attempting to express what I was feeling and he drove off wishing me well. I decided I would stand out there for ten more minutes and then go inside. Just as I was walking inside Starbucks, here he comes……….and says, “Look what I found in the parking lot at Randall’s, the rest of the money you need to meet your goal.” I was taken aback. My faith in humanity continues to be restored at the kindness coming from those I either don’t know, never met, or haven’t seen or talked to in years. He told me to “go home and do something I’d rather be doing.” My heart was full that this man showed me his soul. Kindness breeds kindness and it left me feeling full the rest of the day.  I am forever grateful for this man.

Later, when I got home I had a Facebook message from a friend. One that I have not seen in a while. One that I respect and admire for all of his accomplishments. He asked if he could donate the remainder of what we needed. i proceeded to tell him that we had met our goal and that I appreciated so much the offer. He insisted. I resisted. He exceeded what we needed to meet our goal humbly without wanting recognition and simply to again show another human being that doesn’t want accolades or to feed an ego. But to help people in this world.. I was at a loss for words. I could not believe it. I was tearful, again, and with difficulty accepted. He insisted on not being recognized and it is in these moments that I see the true nature that many people hopefully possess. Kindness, humility, humbleness, care and love with integrity and dignity.

Another dear and very sweet friend also kindly donated. This friend is one that I watch on Facebook as we all have busy lives, love her family more than anything in this world. Is strong in her faith and while she has been through loss and hardship remains a solid rock to her husband and children. It is clear that she has used what she has been through as fuel to make her and her families life the best that it can possibly be and is one of the most humble people I know, as I see what she does. She is an inspiration and I strive to live and love as she does.

And then there are these two women. Two beautiful women with hearts of gold who I’ve never met. They are the most kind-hearted women and best friends I’ve never even met. The other day I received a phone call from an unrecognized number. It was someone who called me simply out of pure care for my well-being. Simply to encourage that I rest from what I am doing. To take care of myself. To remember that things can wait, that things will work out in time and that I should rest and take it easy.  I could not believe this woman went out of her way to call me and share this love with me. A woman who cares so much for others who she has never even met. These are people I have been seeking my whole life. I am honored to know these women……that I never even met, who show care to one another and to themselves. They are examples of what love truly looks like, both for others and for self. Gifts from God.

The other dear woman. The other day, my doorbell rings. Its an Amazon package. I didn’t think it was for me as I am living at my mom’s until I move to Austin. I look closer and see it’s addressed to me. I felt like a little kid on Christmas. My birthday is coming up and I wondered what someone in my family got me. Everyone said that it was not from them, so I opened it with much curiosity. And there, as I rummaged through the box full of self-care items I found scattered notes on how to make and use the things that were sent, with so much love, in order for me to take care of myself and feel better. My heart melted and my very sensitive self broke down in tears. Happy tears. That in two months time, I have gone from feeling very low and having little hope to meeting and reconnecting with, again, some of the most beautiful people on this earth, to me. This woman went to of her way, to care for and show love to someone she never even met. My heart is full. My heart is bursting at the seams with joy. And again, not because of receiving, but because I see the goodness and beauty and humble nature of so many people. It’s amazing to be a part of and strive to live this way. These people are my heroes.

They chose not be recognized. Not out of embarrassment. But out of being purely humble. I am forever grateful for all of you who know who you are. There are words to express truly how I feel. You teach me daily, and for that I am grateful. You have allowed me to learn how to accept love in which is something I have struggled my whole life to do. THANK YOU………

humble: having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s importance.