My son getting the right answer that he has lupus

My son started getting sick and I took him to the ER May 5th. They said it was a viral infection and that it would work its course. Then 3 days later he had a 103 temperature. He couldn’t keep anything down and  was dehydrated. They gave him IV fluids and.sent him home. His white blood cell count was low but it’s because of the viral infection, they said. Then 4 days later he went and  told them he was having joint pain, hard time.walking, chest pain and was hot and weak. They  medically cleared him and filed a 302 to go in the hospital, It was all in his head and he was having mental problems and they sent him to the hospital with leg and joint pain and said it was a viral infection. We then  came home and he still had a fever. i took him to a walk in clinic and i told him he had the amulance take him to the ER and when the Dr. came in i told him i wanted something done.  His white count was still low. They put him in and did a lot of tests and he lost 30 lbs and they found out he had lupus. If they would.have listened he wouldn’t have went through what he did. He is doing good now.thanks Justin and Cheryl Lord.