April 8th, 2017.

First time ever. 24 hours of Prednisone. A drug that suppresses your immune system in order to suppress inflammation caused by lupus and lupus related myositis. Reminds me of the Bright Eyes song “We Are Nowhere and It’s Now”……”side affects they don’t advertise.” Any way. I am so curious to understand how this is…….not against “do no harm”. Or are the pharmaceutical companies immune from that? Suppressing the immune system. The system that keeps you healing and well and fighting constantly for you. Fighting foreign invaders and pathogens. Supressing it………………sounds almost inhumane. I am now susceptible. We are now susceptible to cancer, infections, other illnesses. Something isn’t right here.

Bernie Mac, Glenn Frey, Harold Ramis……all had autoimmune diseases. Sarcoidosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Vasculitis. Cause of death? Complications of pneumonia and other illnesses. Why at such young ages did they pass from these illnesses? Because the medications they were on left them highly susceptible to it and unable to fight. Because of the…..immunosuppressive drugs.

First 24 hours……..side affects: complete and total anger for no reason, wanting to isolate, having no appetite, laughing hysterically almost manic for no reason, feeling like running a marathon, racing heart, insomnia. 24 hours in. There is nothing safe or seemingly right about these drugs. I almost feel as if I am on drugs and cannot imagine what it is doing inside of my body.

We have to find cures. This is absolutely not ok.

And the new drugs that have come out after 50 years???? Still immunosuppressive drugs.

This is a tragedy for so many people.