April 20th, 2017

Dear Lupus, Myositis, Sjogrens overlap yada yada yada what ever,

THANK YOU!!! I sincerely want to thank you for all you given to me. Not taken away. Given to me. Little do you know you have given me more joy in life than I could have ever dreamed of. Through you I have learned to overcome, push, press, fight, sustain, grow, believe, have hope, faith, trust, enforce boundaries, appreciate people I love, appreciate people in general more and more and more and more. You have given me more purpose, more  grit, more strength, more everything. The gifts you have given me without knowing have surpassed any thing I have ever received internally. You let me know me. You let me find more me. You let me want to be me.

When ever you are ready to go….feel free……because YOU LOSE!

With all my love,

Ashlee Kristen Whittemore