The best way to describe my autoimmune disease(s) …………..my body has been HIJACKED! Going from a very physically fit Rescue worker who could do a 48hr shift if called upon to …..a patient. (Worst nightmare ever) We come to rely on our bodies to be sound and tune knowing if I need something my body will give me signs.
I followed the signs , thankfully my Dr. knew I had medical background. It has now been 20 years, and to this day the same Dr. now a trusted friend laughs with me shakes his head and says “I don’t understand HOW” .We share a good sense of humor (this is key) About 13 yrs ago I was 82lbs soaking wet. I literally got a tattoo on my ankle with the medical symbol – like the one on my class ring as I’ve always been in love with medical field…..wait for it…it says …”Property of Medical Examiner”.
So if I can not find a cure I May Be A Cure. Your body is your vehicle Don’t allow it to be overcome, it may be overwhelming you may need to slow your vehicle down to control it. But you are still in control. Treat your vehicle well or it will be in the shop. Now remember minor repairs and maintenance are required so have all your tests and screenings done. Don’t put it off. Be in the driver’s seat.
I’ve got A lot of mileage that 13 yrs ago I never thought I would see. After all who ever gets to hear coming out of their Dr’s mouth….I shared your lab work with a colleague in NY and his first question was “Whose Autopsy report was that?” Yep. I did ! And I’m still going.
So this is me and without all the medical jargen…..I have multiple Autoimmune diseases and I smile every time I wake up (even when it’s 3am) 😃
Thanks for your time.