Talking with the disease

Hi my name is scleroderma do you see me, do you feel my presence. “Me” who are you or what are you and what do you want? Scleroderma says I’m here to give out pain, disability, depression, anxiety, fear, and anything that you’d like to let me own. “Me” I don’t believe you so I’m going to put this on the back burner. So now three months pass….Scleroderma asks me again… feel me now? So scleroderma, I said yes, I do and this is very very terrible why would this happen? Why would you do this? Then I suddenly realized that there was no answer. It said nothing, it was all me. At this moment I realized I pretty much was this disease that I’ve identified myself to like it owned me, and it did. Thoughts are all really just recycled information and they can be very toxic the stuff we think about, mostly stuff we already know so why sit there and think about it? Why sit there and make yourself suffer when you already know what it is? We know what this is…..okay now what are we going to do ? So instead I said, “Scleroderma you are present in me somehow, you are a kind of part of my body not part of who I really am in my mind the thought process of thinking that happens when people get these diseases is tremendously tremendously mind body pain that can be devastating to her health…..creating unhealthy emotions that worsens the condition, in fear and these emotions that we have created toxic chemistry in our body. A different pattern something happens we don’t want that we know we don’t want that we all want the same thing. So when these toxic patterns occur it can absolutely destroy or awareness and are being in life and our internal fulfillness, we still have a life, a body, and whether we can use one or the other our mind or our body comes fulfillness and happiness is possible if it weren’t then why would we have those emotions, weren’t we given these emotions for reason?  Let me tell you some things that are worse than what we have…..did you know that 1 million people don’t wake up every day…..every single day. Are people starving when we throw food out, people suffering, cancer, we cannot contribute to these toxic patterns of suffering instead let’s be part of the solution. What a wonderful thing to be part of something so much bigger then we can even comprehend God bless you all .

–  Chris J., Ohio