May 16th, 2017 

This world. Is actually a very beautiful world should we take the time to slow down and take a look. In the face of disease this is the gift I have been given over and over and over again. I cannot stress it enough. Doors are opening due to the the support and passion of others that are participating in their survival that I never could have imagined. People who are the most brilliant in the field of medicine are hearing and seeing us and kindly and respectfully acknowledging us. Those who are dedicating their life’s work to help discover the origins of these diseases. And why? Because that’s what they were drawn to do. How courageous. How much more of a hero could one human being be? Despite all that happens in the world, the ways in which we perceive it become a reality. There are so many good people, caring, compassionate, dedicated, committed, beautiful people in this world. This is another gift this disease has given me. Seeing past cynicism. Seeing past the distortions and delusions. And seeing the gifts that are in every moment. Whether painful or joyful. Life is a gift. This journey is a beautiful one. Change your mind, change your life. I get it now. I see it. No, its not always easy. Many days it is not easy. But we get to choose. Its an honor to help those trying to help us. Its complete restoration in humanity seeing those trying to help us. What a gift. What a……..beautiful thing. There really are now words to express the amount of gratitude. I/we will not give up to help these doors stay open. I will sit with a lemonade stand for the rest of my life if it means helping those helping us to gain our lives back and for the generations to come. Drive, grit, passion, purpose.