Waiting for help from Canada SLE Treatments called SAM. Sequenced Aminoacids Modular or Shots.

At 17 I had arthritis in my hands so bad I couldn’t drive my Camero. I had to see it so that our family roof got fixed. I was paying to see my doctor and have my port maintained. The shots that helps me best is made in Spain and brought to here or Canada. Well if I lived in Canada I would be finished with treatments 12  to 15 months. It would be covered there. Here I can get it if I have $800 to pay for each shot and the doctor appointment/nurse to give it to me. All I want is to get back to being able to work. I used to walk to and from my job at UofM Mechanical/Electrical& Chemical Engineering as a secretary or just to deal with mail, phone calls, parking passes. Nothing all that complicated. I worked at a Hotel in Mount Pleasant. The US Government wants to treat everything with pharmaceuticals. At hundreds of dollars a pill, several a day. No wonder we are dying as a country as patients. Who can pay for these co-pays? The more pills I take the sicker I am getting. At first it was just SLE, now Raynauds Phenomenon, Possibly Chronic fatigue, Hashing to Thyroiditis, treated for stage 4 Endometriosis in Cleveland Clinic, Antiphoslipid Antibody Syndrome, Celiac Disease. My SLE contacts my brain so I have in the past been wheelchair bound. My dad built a bathroom that is close to ADA compliance toilet for me. I sleep in a queen bed with my mom who is on a Cap machine and that is larger. My emotional therapy dog sleeps next to me. I go to MS Appointments at UofM Medical School. They said that I don’t have MS thank you God! He showed me the white spots that make me act like I have MS. I had a bad episode of Thrombocytopenia Purpura (TTP). My Mother’s Dad had that to. I’ve had 6 spinal taps. They filtered my blood several times and adding blood cells, the clear ones . Just platelets. Then I had a reaction to something they gave during that time. It made me have hives every where. I had ice packs on every conceivable place.