June 1st, 2017.

What do you see in the featured image for this post? Do you see a perfect picture taken by a photographer? Do you see life that is in the green of the trees? Do you see the years of life in the trunk of the tree? Do you see the sun beaming through the leaves? Do you see the the lights attached to the tree or the speaker attached to the tree and all the other imperfections or flaws of this picture? Do you think, “eh, just another picture of the sun shinning through the tree, nothing special.” Or do you think “this picture isn’t very appealing at all, its not perfected. It isn’t edited. It isn’t straight, it isn’t centered?” What do you first notice about this picture?

It matters. The eye of our minds if what we view through each and every moment. Judging every move, every decision, every word, every instance, every thought, every thing about our world around us. Do you see through a positive lens? Or do you see through a negative lens? The way we view our worlds become our worlds. I have learned this over and over and over again. At times in my life I have given in to the idea that I am conditioned to see the negative and that is simply how it will be. False. Through scientific research of the brain, today we know that we can absolutely reshape the ways in which we think. They ways in which we perceive, and the ways in which we believe. Neuroplasicity.

In relation to this website and it’s purpose, I have come to realize that we do not give ourselves, our minds enough credit for what it can and will do, should we choose to change our minds. There have been many studies about trauma and abuse and neglect of all kinds during developmental years leaving one susceptible to illness. Well why is that? I won’t pretend to know that I have those answers. However a layperson such as myself could derive from this fact that if one is subjected to these things and these things are emotional in nature, then  what we are exposed to emotionally affects us physically.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. If we continue to think that we are destined to be the result of what we have experienced and see ourselves as just that but hope that one day things will be different, yet we stay in the cycle of a distorted lens, then we are caught in a vicious cycle. The good news? Just as shaping may have made some more susceptible to disease and illness, wouldn’t the same be true about healing? I think we are highly conditioned to think that its black and white and only a one way street. Of course nothing could be reversed. Whats done is done and what is set is set. So long as we believe that…..so it will be. So what about the over-comers? What about the ones who work hard daily to change their mind and ultimately change the way they view themselves, the world, love and relationships and break free of illness and old destructive patterns? Are they just lucky? Or could it be said that the mind is a powerful powerful thing that we give no credit to?

As an empath I find myself highly swayed by the emotions of others. Difficult to maintain a sense of grounded-ness in my beliefs and my belief that the mind is powerful and has abilities that we have no idea of. I believe this keeps me stuck. Today that stops. Well, today, I begin to work as best as I can on changing my mind, and therefore changing my life. If the brain has plasticity and is able to build new neural pathways, who is to say that the body cannot do the same thing? Through changing ones mind, new neural pathways are built? Thats profound. Today I will choose and commit to choosing to view things differently. Do I believe I can cure myself? No. Do I think its possible, maybe? We know so little about the body and mind connection actually. But what has been discovered there is no denying. There is no hiding from. Why not change your mind and see if it changes your life?