June 16th, 2017

Where do I even begin? In the last four months since this movement has begun, I feel as though I have gone from the darkest place with this diagnosis to a place I never even could have dreamed of. Skyrocketed into another dimension of a world so unbelievably amazing. I have met people through the private Facebook group I created which started all of this who offer seemingly unconditional love continuously despite their own struggles. They don’t stop showing gratitude, love, support, offering help and with total purity, straight from their hearts. 

It’s been a challenge to get this up and running and through my own beliefs am certain that people have been put into my life to experience it as it always should have been experienced. With love, kindness, humbleness, passion, compassion, support and connection…….and its all simply authentic. 

While I have only met one person from the Facebook group in person, I can actually feel the genuine love in the words that people express to each other and to me that is real, and comes completely from the heart. I can hear it through reading it. It keeps me inspired, it keeps my fire lit, it keeps me pushing, it keeps me viewing the world as this whole new place. One of complete bliss despite the very real chaos that does exist. We chose what we want to see, without being naive, I chose to see through this lens. 

The researchers that I have spoken with. You know….the medical doctors that we see for our ailments are the ones who seem to get all the credit, however, it is in fact, in my belief, the researchers, the ones behind the scenes who are changing the world. And I cannot express the authenticity and true nature of compassion and dedication I hear in their voices when I have spoken with them. They truly have made their lives about making the lives of others better. Those words don’t even do justice to what they are doing. Dr. Pj Utz, Dr. Laurence Morel, Dr. Todd Brusko, Dr. Judith Shizuru are the behind the scenes miracle workers. Striving to help us thrive once again. They deserve all the recognition. Truly brilliant, intelligent yet warm, open, dedicated, caring, passionate people. Im unsure how much more human one could be than to possess all of those virtues and live them out. 

The people that have been placed in my life who I have met face to face, Tasha and Erik Wahl, The M and M wrecking crew (he knows who he is) and all those who stopped by to encourage, offer support, express appreciation while my mom and I were putting up the butterfly mural……….have all almost been angelic. I have been wondering to myself with each one of these people “where have you been all of my life?” Really. In meeting with Erik and Tasha and M wrecking crew, there is a light in their eyes like I have never seen. Meeting someone for the first time and emitting love and compassion for someone they just met. Offering to help, support and go the extra mile for someone they didn’t even previously know. “Who are these people, I wonder?” I have never met anyone like them. They speak with a softness and emit radiance that shines just by being in their presence. People with values and virtues again that are lived out, not just claimed. I am so inspired by these people that I feel more than honored to even have met them, to know them, to meet with them again. These are the people that change the world. These are the people that I strive to be. I find myself burning with fire inside to continue to keep going and discover me, who I am, what I want my life to like, and to go out and do and be just that. And Im doing it. And Im so inspired to keep thriving its almost unbearable. I know  who I am today. I know what I want. I know where I belong and those I want to be around. I never knew the depths of creativity and passion that was waiting to come out within me, and the i have finally found it. 

I wish there were better words that I could find to express just how I feel about the people that have shown up in my life…..there simply are known. That is how profound it all feels.