July 14th, 2017. This experience in the 6 months of putting this together has been absolutely life changing. I have come to experience and feel and live all of the cliches that we see and read that all sound so good, yet never give much thought to , as many don’t attempt to live by them. Be the Change You Want to See in the World, a quote from Gandhi adopted by one of the most beautiful people I know for her movement that is simply about love, caring, compassion and giving back. Those words don’t even do justice to the described the type of person Tasha Wahl is. She has become the Change that she wants to see in the world and continues to offer that inspiration to others with pure authenticity and love. Someone who just gives and gives and gives to make this world a better place and her wings have already put more then a major dent in making this world a better place. Through her movement she has allowed me to go inside and discover more and more of who I am, who I always have been, and love that person. To feel free of expression without concern of judgment. To embrace life’s challenges with grace and given me a medium to express through art for the different paths of my current life. They are not longer dark paths, they are bright, fullfilled,  exciting and I have learned to let go even though there is fear. Another cliche, Fear, false events appearing real. Don’t just read it and think it sounds good. Embrace it. Its reality. Our perception is created by the ways in which we view love, relationships and the world. If I live in fear, which I have done most of my life, it will manifest. It has manifest and it becomes very dark. If I see fear for what it truly is…….nothing but my own creation, I see the world with clarity. I see good in the world and it manifests. I have been thrown into what feels like another dimension of  meeting and attracting people with good souls, people who see with clarity, who live by love, who  live to share and give back. The world is such a brighter place, a place I want to live in when I view it this way, by choice, practice it and surround myself with those who share the same depth. Its almost surreal. Its a life I have been looking for since as long as I can remember. If you seek it, it is there. Waiting. Pain in inevitable, suffering is an option. Another cliche. I can choose to hold on to what has held be down however as an adult I am fully aware now that I chose if I want to live that way, in pain. Thats not how I want to live. I choose not to suffer, but to persevere. Those who judge usually are judging something about you that they see inthemselves. Therefore, I no longer take it personally. Its not mine to own and I know its about me when i judge and something I need to take a look at. This entire experience, disease, starting a movement, starting a non-profit, discovering art, expressing who I am in ways others have no clue how I am doing it, has turned my world upside down for the better. Ways I cannot articulate. I have no fear of the ways in which others view me today. I will continue to move forward with my focus on what matters, with purpose. YOLO. I used to despise seeing this on Facebook and Instagram. Another cliche. However, the reality is……..you do only live once. Make it something amazing. Experience the world. Live your life. Thrive. I will do just that. I will be me and no one has to like it or respect it, but I do. So long as Im living in integrity, I know I am good. Im going to do me. I chose.