A week ago I was somewhere where I was told that  I “HAD TO TAKE [MY] MEDS!!!! BECAUSE [MY] BODY HATES ITSELF! And if [I] don’t take my meds, my body will destroy itself.” I thought to myself……….”I have to take these medications because my body hates itself?” Huh. What a thing to say to someone. Regardless, why does my body “hate itself?” My body sees my body as the enemy yet science isn’t even close to comprehending why this is.

I find it absolutely fascinating that one life situation that can seem so painful and seem never ending can be allayed and even ameliorated in a heartbeat by another positive life event. Why is this? Is this “pathological”? Seems to be the popular belief. Seems that the older I get the more I hear societal labels with no tangible evidence. Just something to blame something on, or to create a name to fit what one can not understand to make it sound right and have the masses believe it. I’m thoroughly convinced based off of tangible data that states that children who are continuously abused are more susceptible to disease as adults.  So is disease orgnanic or created in the mind? There is so much about the mind that no one knows , its unreal. Yet we seem to convince ourselves , or at least in science that we do know. If you cannot measure it, it must not exist, right? Bullshit. How does one measure emotions and feelings? You cant. So does that mean they don’t exist? NO. In fact they are a vital part of what makes us human yet unrecognized in the medical community. The existing belief is that there must be some pathology or mutation that has caused X which is producing y symptoms. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MIND?! Why can I go from being completely depressed to completely in love with life based on who I chose to be around? I could take a pill for the depression symptoms. But what about people who make me happy and the depression dissipates? It cant be measured , so it must not exist right? Bullshit. And in come the labels that society and the medical and psychiatric community have brought in  to state to the masses for them to believe this is this and therefore FACT, yet going against the fact that they cant measure it. Up until 8 years ago, I didn’t like who I was and shamed and shamed  and shamed myself. If I live like that, wouldn’t I become that? Wouldn’t my body start to hate itself? Why not? The mind. If I think I am sick, i become sick. If I think I am no good, I view through that perception and the world around me does not look good and I see myself as no good. The placebo affect, a  very real thing. People who believe they are getting better, truly get better. But we have a label for that, psychosomatic. People who are in pain and then find love are called “love addicts, sex addicts, codependents.”  What the hell does that even mean? It’s labels that someone made up to categorize what they , as human beings too , see as pathological. They’re human, yet they play God. None of this is scientific fact. Alcoholics, drug addicts. What does that even mean? Ok, every human has the potential to become addicted based off the anatomy and function of the midbrain. EVERYONE. What about what is underneath it. I have  come in and out of things i never thought possible. Not because of a pill that was once used for something else and discovered its side affects made people calm or catatonic (which is how most psychotropic meds where discovered, (says a lot).But because of my surroundings. It has been the way my mind perceives life and my surroundings that either kills me or allows me to thrive. We have become stuck. Stuck in the superficial labels that society has imposed upon us telling us how to be, who to be, how to feel, how to act, how to dress, what not to do, what to do, etc.. I am thoroughly convinced that my mind and the way I have been treated has informed my body it’s no good. I am thoroughly convinced that this term “love addiction” and “codependency”  is  a statement or judgment that me as a human being, who I am, loving passionately and deeply is pathological. bullshit. We have got to stop with the fiukcing labels and realize……….we are HUMAN. Perhaps then we can realize the answers and move forward;…acceptance and forgiveness. Not a pill. Not going in circles over the past, not talking about it over and over and over again. Acceptance for what is and for what has happened……because it happened. Lose the labels, they keep us sick. And just because someone said so, doesn’t make it truth.  You’re human. Im done with labels. I am human and my body no longer needs to hate itself nor do my feelings have to be judged. I am alive and human. Im fucking me and no one will ever tell me who I am. 🙂 You shouldn’t allow it either. Stop that chaos of others’ realities imposed upon you.


Iive your fucking life.