The definition of a true friend/authentic person through my eyes:

A true friend is someone who is selfless in the face of any situation regarding someone in need. A person who does not ask for anything in return in times of need and instead asks without hesitation how they can help. A true friend is someone who has a heart of passion and compassion that you can feel without it needing to be expressed verbally. A true friend is someone who can connect with you in ways that bring you to your knees with gratitude for life and are examples of what humanity should look like. Every one below fits this definition. A true friend, an authentic person…….A GIFT.

It has been a true honor to work with my very unique and old friend Alex Rosas and Shannon Marchand of in creating and developing this website. I could not have found two more talented people than Alex and Shannon to put this together for me. With their amazing talent, artistic eyes, and passion for what they do for their clients they created just what I was imagining and so much more. You both made what was in my heart become a reality for me. Thank you more than words. You both are true artists. Thank you for being a true friend.

Erik Wahl, I write with love and gratitude for the inspiration that you spread across the world with your authentic heart, soul and experience. Reading your books and seeing your posts continue to keep me fighting the good fight and uplifted even when I am down. You are a humble rarity of a human being. With the status that you have, taking time to care for others continuously the way that you do is more than admirable. Thank you for all that you do for this world with your heart. Thank you from us all for your encouraging Instagram message. It means everything to us.

Tasha Wahl, I don’t believe I have ever met a couple, two people, meant to come together to “be the change” they want to see in this world. Your humble nature, kind heart, inspiring, giving, compassionate, truly caring nature is like nothing I have ever seen. Through meeting you and Erik, you have both inspired me more than ever to remain humble and to never give up, to not see things as failures more so as obstacles, to be a better human being for the sake of this world, for others, for myself and for generations to come. You are so selfless, it’s beyond me. I strive to live the way you both do. Thank you for gifting us your mural for our butterfly. Thank you so, so much.


Thank you Dr. PJ Utz for dedicating your life’s work to helping those with autoimmune diseases by trying your absolute best, and doing an exceptional job at discovering the mystery behind them so that we may heal. You are such a well-respected, honorable, dedicated and committed Physician as well as researcher. It was an honor to meet you and for you to actually take the time to sit with me and discuss the world of autoimmunity. I am forever grateful for your kindness and willingness to meet with me so long and to be of service to us all with your brilliant mind and kind heart. Thank you for making this world a better place.


Dr. Morel, thank you with all of my heart for answering the phone the day I thought I would never get through to you. Thank you for taking the time to discuss this movement and being open to it and excited about it. Thank you for staying in touch with me and dedicating your life’s work to those who suffer from autoimmune diseases. We are forever grateful for you as a highly respected and brilliant Physician and Researcher. We support you all the entire way. Thank you for continuing to be in contact with me. You have a kind heart and such an optimistic attitude. The world is a wonderful place because of Researchers such as you and Dr. PJ Utz.

Dr. Todd Brusko, thank you………it was an honor speaking with you and you taking the time out of making a massive difference in this world to speak with me. You are brilliant as are all of the other researchers I have spoken with. It takes a real genuine human being to dedicate their lives for future generations health and longevity. It has been an honor to speak with you an hear of the in depth breakthrough research you and your team are making. We cannot thank you all enough.


Dr. Shizuru, thank you so very much for answering my call the first time I called. Thank you all for answering and speaking with me as I had no real thought I would actually be able to speak with such highly regarded and well-respected physicians and researchers such as you three. Thank you for taking the time to discuss some of what you are doing with me and having gratitude for what we are doing. We are forever grateful for your life’s work and making this world a much better place.


Number one in Rheumatology in the nation. Wow. What an accomplishment. It has been an honor to speak with you and communicate with you and hear of the success and continued dedication you all have to wake up every morning to continue to fight for us. I am looking forward to meeting the brilliant minds behind the future of science. Thank you for give me/us a chance in doing this for you. Forever grateful.


My dear Meredith. Thank you for becoming my very first friend who understands. Thank you for taking time to meet with me to discuss this movement and for kindly accepting to be a part of it. Thank you for you kind heart and continuing to keep me in line with self-care. You have a beautiful soul and you inspire me…..that I can do this. I very much look up to you. Thank you more than words.

Thank you Meredith for setting this in motion and listening to me when you were so busy. It means a lot that you took and take this seriously and made this happen for us. I am forever grateful for you and Native. Visit them at 807 East 4th Street, Austin, Texas for an awesome time and amazing food.

M Wrecking Crew…………truly now words to express my gratitude. You are a rare human being. Thank you And Skull for extending this favor in which you did not have to do but seemingly did because as your foundation state, you help people everywhere with a sense of great humbleness.

Thank you Chris for setting this in motion for me and reaching out to the owner to allow me to be able to put this on your establishment. It means everything to me. My gratitude is extended to Marcos, the owner of the bar for also allowing me to put this on his building. I am extremely grateful that you have give me and the rest of the autoimmunity community this opportunity. You guys rock. Visit them at 1111 East 6th Street, Austin, TX. 


Dear Chuck! You’re simply awesome and an authentic asset to Austin and its culture. Your store represents the foundation the Austin was built on, music. Thank you for allowing me to put out next butterfly up on your building. I hope that is can contribute to you staying put and bring people to what is representative of Austin. #Grateful. Visit Encore Records for some killer records at 809 E 6th St, Austin,

My dear friend Eric Chapa. How can I thank you for being a wonderful friend throughout all these years. Thank you for what you have done and so selflessly helping us out with the video. I am so proud to see how far you have come and love that you are creating a business for causes. It is also an honor to know you and call you friend.

To all the group members of “Unlocking Autoimmunity”, how can I ever express the amount of true and genuine gratitude that I feel for you all. If it was not for all of you expressing your love, support, compassion, passion, strength, heart and soul and experiences and faith in this group, this would not be becoming a reality. A true group of what it means to connect with people on one of the deepest levels I have ever experienced. There are no words for the thanks and gratitude I have for you. Please just know this is how I truly feel. My family…….